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Michael P Harvey

On the surface, these images looked like nostalgic photographs. Dig deeper and you see their brilliance, the attention to detail, the careful way Doug crafted every stroke. Dig even deeper and you see Doug’s brilliance, the attention to the smallest detail, be it the reflection on a Coke bottle, or the pencil eraser marks on a New York Times magazine. Fantastic buy – usually you’d have to spend an arm and a leg for such detailed piece of art. The amount of painstaking work that went in to capturing the essence of these comic greats is astounding.

Michael P Harvey Company

Stew Williams

I have always been a photorealism art fan and when I saw Doug Bloodworth’s paintings of candies and comics, I had to have a piece. The paintings are amazing and he signed the backs for me and made them all the more special. Ordering was effortless. I was contacted about the progress of my order and received a tracking number the next day. When they arrived it was packaged very carefully to prevent damage. Doug Bloodworth is a fantastic artist. I am impressed by his work and will be purchasing more work from him. If your a fan of art, you need these paintings. I’ve become a true fan of photorealism. They come in various sizes to fit your decor and space limitations. All I can say is “Amazing”.

Stew Williams Company

Jean H

When I bought Doug Bloodworth’s photorealism art, I was hoping it would be as wonderful as it looked online. It was not. It was even better!! I believe he was able to do real life comics justice and he even signed the back to me with my request. Love it! Love that Doug Bloodworth shared his talent with us, and I know you will love your photorealism art as well. Enjoy!!

Jean H Company

Robert Storms

These are Top Shelf and everybody that sees them gets a huge smile on their face and does their best to not be tricked into thinking its a photograph. I Love them and would recommend them to anyone who understands what great detail in art. They are very nicely done on canvas and the colors add a great dimension to the Artwork. “Sweet” to sum it up!

Robert Storms Company

Mark Mclean

As a life long contemporary art collector – got to say I loved the Art from Doug Bloodworth. If you are a fan of fantastic modern fine art, this is a great collection. I say this as a lover of comic books, candy, and all things that Bloodworth brings to life. It is truly the of my collection that I am most proud of – and that I love to show off the most.

Mark Mclean Company

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Photorealism art on canvas


Doug Bloodworth at Atlas

Doug Bloodworth enjoys evoking the viewer’s nostalgic feelings of one’s childhood, be that in comic books, games we played, or our comfort foods. The influence of paper printed comics from eras past is still tangible in Doug Bloodworth’s photorealism.

Combined with decades of artistic technique and the personal connection offered by his custom works,Doug’s collectability is rapidly growing. He is now recognized in the international art community as one of the premiere photorealist painters of this period.

Doug Bloodworth’s oil paintings are available at fine art galleries throughout the US such as Art Gone Wild in Key West and Santa Fe, Effusion Gallery in Miami Beach and Bayside, Pop Gallery at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Atlas Galleries in Chicago and Russeck Gallery in Soho and Palm Beach, as well as around the world at Foxx Galerie in Zurich and Zimmermann& Heitmann in Dusseldorf and Dortmund. >>>Read more about Doug Bloodworth

What is Photorealism?

Fine Art should create a unique experience.

Photorealism is a genre of art in which a painting is so skillfully done that from ten or twenty feet away, the viewer assumes that they are seeing a photograph.

Only when one stands a few inches from the artwork does one realize that it is a painting, not a photograph.

There’s something about photorealism.  You walk into a room and see a Richard Estes street scene or a Roberto Bernardi candy bowl and you say, “Beautiful photo”.  But as you get closer to the piece, you realize that it’s actually an oil painting and you exclaim “Wow!  I cannot believe it.  Look at the shadows.  Look at the exhaust coming out of the car.  Look at the depth of field.  It’s absolutely amazing”.

One never tires of having these in one’s home.  These pieces provide enjoyment for years.

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