Photorealism is the fine arts dealership behind these amazing paintings. Photorealism focuses solely on photorealistic paintings. We are the exclusive wholesale dealer and distributor for many leading photorealist painters. Our mission is simple, to provide art collectors with fine photorealistic works that steadily appreciate in value.

There’s something about photorealism. Everyone has a story about the first time they approached a Duane Hanson sculpture. It’s an experience one never forgets.

You walk into a room and see a Randy Ford painting and you say, “Beautiful photo”. But as you get closer to the piece, you realize that it’s actually an oil painting and you exclaim “Holy moly: I cannot believe it. Look at the shadows. Look at the depth of field. It’s absolutely amazing”. One cannot appreciate this on a computer screen. You can visit a gallery to see these pieces with your own eyes; in real life, they are absolutely incredible.

One never tires of having these in one’s home. These pieces provide enjoyment for years. That’s why one sees so few resales of these paintings. We are always asking collectors if they would like to sell one or more of the pieces that they previously purchased from us, and the answer is always no.

Seeing these pieces on a computer screen, it is difficult to imagine how they would look in one’s home.  If you have a chance, try to get to a gallery near you that carries these pieces.